“Don't Let Our Children Be Cold” - An event held on October 14, 2021 in cooperation with Gazi University Faculty of Science Physics Department and Evyap Foundation
21 October 2021 | 08:43

Within the scope of the social responsibility project of our section, "Don't Let Our Children Be Cold";


              Ankara Polatlı Uzunbey Primary School (50 students)

              Ankara Polatlı Agricultural Enterprise Secondary School (75 students)

              Ankara Şehit Bülent Albayrak Primary School (52 students)


Sponsored by a charitable business woman for each of the Female and Male Students (177 students); boots, winter coats, bags, stationery, cleaning materials (liquid soap, toothpaste and brush, cream, disinfectant) were distributed.


As the Physics Department and the Quality Commission, we would like to thank Evyap Foundation for sponsoring our schools and helping students get ready for winter before the weather gets cold.

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