Mission, Vision



Our mission is to educate idealist students to understand the principles in the field of physics, to have critical thinking skills between relationships on the physics principles, to improve their technical and personal abilities. In addition, it is aimed to educate graduates who are respectful of ethical values ​​and can follow the developments in the world in their field.





Our vision is to become a department that educates open-minded scientists who take an active role in the development of science along with our graduates who are qualified, pioneers in the field and follow the developments in science, produce quality studies, and respect universal values ​​and scientific ethics in the field of physics in the country and the world.




  • Having scientific research skills and ethical values
  • Aiming to train graduates who will follow the developments in the world in their field
  • Taking an active role in the development of science with our graduates



For Future


  • Providing various elective course opportunities that students will need in their work-life and increasing their application skills in a wide range of fields.
  • Creating a research and teaching staff that can follow and adapt to technological changes in education and scientific studies
  • Keeping student training laboratories up to date
  • Development and enhancement of existing research laboratories
  • Increasing the number of interdisciplinary studies
  • Development of computer infrastructure for theoretical and simulation-based research
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