Department of Physics

The Department of Physics Established in 1982, carries out undergraduate programs, graduate and doctorate programs, laboratory, with 29 professors, 15 associate professors, 1 doctoral lecturer, 4 lecturers, 12 research assistants and 1 administrative staff. Experimental and computer-assisted theoretical research capacity of our department has increased in recent years with the projects carried out with various institutions and research activities have gained momentum. The laboratories, equipment and experimental systems used in the undergraduate program were renewed in 2017. Physics department has an advanced Spectroscopy, Optoelectronics, Semiconductor and Optically Excited Luminescence (OSL), Superconductivity and Thermal Analysis, Gas detectors laboratories and a computer laboratory open to students.

The education program carried out in the physics department is supported by applied electronics and computer training, as well as giving the basic concepts of physics.

In the first two years of the four-year Physics undergraduate education program, courses such as basic law concepts and principles of physics and mathematics, mechanical electricity, modern and general chemistry, general mathematics and mathematical methods in physics are given. In the third and fourth grades, besides the basic physics courses, many elective courses are provided to the students. The courses in all subjects of contemporary physics are supported by laboratory applications. Our final year students prepare a thesis project in order to learn the methods of doing independent research under the supervision of a faculty member.


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